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Smile Club Membership for Those Without Insurance – Save Hundreds Of Dollars Every Year.

If you don’t have a dental insurance or have run out of benefits, this plan can save you hundreds of dollars.

We are aware of the stressful situation that our economy is causing by the loss of medical and dental benefits. While we can’t do anything to help with the medical insurance, we sure can help you save a lot of money while helping our patients be able to maintain their dental health.

With our own SMILE CLUB MEMBERSHIP, you will receive pre-paid exams, x-rays and cleanings at a considerable discount and will also be saving a considerable amount on any other dental work that you choose to do throughout the year.

Your benefits of the Smile Club Membership

  • You get discounted fee for regular 6 month visits including professional hygiene, oral examination, cancer screening, bitewing x-rays.
  • You can have considerable savings if you lost your dental insurance
  • If you have run out of benefits for the year but need additional work done
  • You get the same quality dentistry and service you’re used to getting from us.
  • If you have a larger family with more than 2 children, the savings will be greater.

Since we’ve introduced this program, many of our patients have taken advantage of it and have saved thousands of dollars.

Please click on the picture of the bochure above for explanation and price and if you have any questions, please call the office and any of our staff can help you.