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Mar 3

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Us


  1. Will Your Dentist Scold You or Lecture You? Has it been 12 months or even 12 years since your last dental visit?  – You've made a decision and commitment to come to a dentist… Come as you are. You won’t receive a lecture here! We guarantee a No-Lecture Zone. Same day comfortable emergency care is available during our office hours.
  2. Is Your Dentist Very Convenient to Go To? Do you need an easy to get to, close-by location and convenient Early Morning, Evening or Lunch time appointment? We offer convenient appointment times and are located a block away from Henry Ford Hospital. We are also Wheelchair accessible. 
  3. Does Your Dentist Care about Your Comfort? We pay attention to detail for your comfort – Cable TV, headphones, massage chair, neck pillow, blankets, FREE nitrous oxide, coffee and other beverages are at your disposal.
  4. Does Your Dentist Explain the Treatments or Offer You Treatment Options? – We tell you what your options are, and you tell us what you want. You Control Your Treatment. We’ll gladly deliver the service option YOU choose.
  5. Does Your Dentist Offer Affordable Payment Plans? – We have several affordable options including 12 months same-as-cash plan and In-office discount plan for those without dental insurance. 
  6. Is Your Dentist Up-To-Date on Technology, Techniques and Education To Deliver Quality Dentistry You Deserve? We pay particular attention to up-to-date technology for your comfort, techniques for efficiency and use long-lasting materials for durability.
  7. Does Your Dentist Send You Out To Other Dentists For Treatments? – We provide most dental procedures for your family right at our office. We provide most comprehensive treatments such as Root Canal Treatment, Deep Perio (Gum) Scaling, Invisalign Clear Braces, Zoom whitening, Crowns, Bridges,, Mercury-free white restorations, Metal-free partials, Migraine & TMJ Treatment, Straighten children’s teeth without Braces. 


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